I miss getting up every morning and reading The Chron. When the Concorde supersonic turbojet roared into the Bay Area. The phrase was circulated in a trolling campaign in 2017 by members of the controversial online forum 4chan, in which fliers with the slogan were posted, with originators assuming liberals would respond negatively, thereby proving they did not agree with it, according to the ADL. Michael Collier, a former Chronicle editor, dies in Oregon car crash, Charlie Walker, 'mayor of Bayview-Hunters Point,' dies at 89. Davies Symphony Hall made a splashy debut in San Francisco in 1980. Jerry Brown called it monumental in its effect on our future, one of the key projects of Californias long-range water program. The name of the tiny cove said to be a place where Chinese fisherman would frequent during Gold Rush days has a How Hetch Hetchy Valleys natural beauty was sacrificed to Its an environmental conflict that has been coursing through California for more than a century: the unrelenting thirst of San Francisco versus the pristine beauty of nature. The beloved Noe Valley restaurant got a new owner last year. Princess Margaret of Great Britain may not have worn the crown, but she got a welcome fit for a queen when she visited San Francisco more than 50 years ago. Atop Lone Mountain, the history of SFs first womens college lives on. I finally caught COVID. This version seems to be very limited in scope and content. Datebook is the San Francisco Chronicle's guide to arts & entertainment in the Bay Area, combining award-winning news with a curated events calendar. Oversize photos were an annoyance for librarians to file, so they were often misplaced or outright lost. The Squaw Valley Ski Resort wasnt always the place of world-class grandeur we now know. The party then answered its own People around the Bay Area are always surprised when nature turns a page. Username: Password: Don't have an account? restaurant is still one of my favorites, even after a major change. The shimmering Bay Lights turn off Sunday night as the effort to raise $11 million to fund a bigger, better version is only partway there. Smack! Reviewed in the United States on July 2, 2018. (Third-fastest growing comic strip on Jupiter). Please use a different way to share. The undisputed queen of San Francisco nightlife ran brothels in the city for two decades with a clientele that reportedly included some of the most prominent figures on the West Coast. Just to the east of Crystal Springs Reservoir sits the Pulgas Water Temple, a landmark commemorating completion in 1934 of the Hetch Hetchy aqueduct, which brought water from the lakes and valleys in the Sierra Nevada Mountains to kitchen taps in Neil Diamond, Elton John: Concert sun goes down for 2 pop giants. Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev visited to San Francisco in 1959 as part of a tour of the United States. Please stop trying to kill him. is at its most unaffordable point in at least a decade, Gavin Newsom is talking tough on CEQA. Pete Wilson took a helicopter tour over the fields and roads flooded by the Cosumnes River south of Sacramento and declared a state of emergency in 25 Northern California counties. Scott Adams, the creator of the internationally syndicated Dilbert comic strip, unleashed a racist rant this week on YouTube, saying Black people are a hate group and I dont wanna have anything to do with em a statement that is being met with condemnation, including the cancellation of his cartoons from newspapers. Nick Dallis's long running series, Judge Parker, began as a story about good Judge Alan Parker, his son Randy and Daughter Ann, and problems they face after their mother died. The 1980s reunion of one of San Franciscos biggest Summer of Love bands was an unexpected and short-lived delight. You may change your credit card, address information or cancel your subscription before Its been 50 years since a conflict over Peoples Park in Berkeley ended in dozens of injuries and the death of one man. In Oakland, the anticipation Chinatown charity: 79 years ago, SFs Rice Bowl helped save lives. Created by lesbian feminists to distribute information and stories suppressed by the mainstream literary industry, Old Wives' Tales was a rebellion, part of a movement of feminist bookshops that . When Princess Margaret took San Francisco by storm in 1965. Steam ships went on to replace sailing vessels, and the Star of Alaska fell into disrepair. Weve done another deep dive into The Chronicles archive to feature even more Pride parade photos throughout the years. How Bay Area organizations and arts institutions plan to celebrate Black History Month in 2023 this February. The Chronicles archive has hundreds of photos and negatives of Beach Blanket Babylon, including some behind-the-scenes shots that havent been seen in decades. His Detroit Pistons coach sees something special. A century of Chronicle presidential election front pages. 75 years of SFs Nutcracker: Photos from beloved ballet across decades. As the parade closes in on its 50th anniversary, we went looking for photos from its first 10 years. SFs most remote residents: Farallones quest for a 1950 census taker and The Chronicle. When the first Freedom Train came to SF, pulling controversy behind it, By the time the Freedom Train arrived in San Francisco carrying more than 100 of Americas most important documents, it had already been tested against the ideals of the era, At SFs 1939 Worlds Fair, a mad dash to be first through the gates. 100 years of Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk fun and memories. All subscriptions include a free trial period. Your Privacy Choices (Opt Out of Sale/Targeted Ads). 9 Granada (24-10) vs. TBD Amid the gunfire of April 6, 1968, Bobby Hutton, the 1906 San Francisco earthquake: Old photos offer new glimpses of devastation. Heres where California reservoir levels stand after this weeks rains. But her piece from Nov. 9, 1969, was different it was a walk under the bay. Pros: The good points of the the Chronicle/Kindle version is that it comes early in the morning on the West Coast, it's a good selection of what's going on in the world with an emphasis on San Francisco and the Bay Area. San Francisco citizens once traveled by gondola. Does taking Paxlovid help prevent long COVID? When Grateful Dead, Huey Lewis and more made stand against AIDS in Bay Area. Here's how she survived, Review: Memoir of an unlikely friendship delves into mystery of male bonding, March is Womens History Month. Earlier in the day, the editor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer announced the paper dropped the Dilbert comic strip because of Adams rant. The 1995 Mount Vision fire surged from an improperly extinguished campfire to one be the worst wildfires in Marin County in nearly 50 years. So who brought it home? It ended badly. A nationwide effort to quit smoking got its start in San Francisco in the 1970s with some lighthearted entertainment. 6,092 talking about this. No. More than 125,000 people drove or ferried to Treasure Island for the opening of the Golden Gate International Exposition. Across San Francisco, many small-business owners are in a predicament: They saw revenues plunge during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as losses from commercial burglaries. It is OK instead of the morning paper in hard copy, Reviewed in the United States on December 10, 2018. The sun may be the scorching center of our solar system and the most vital energy source for our planet of 7.5 billion people, but in 1978 a collection of activists, poets, organizers and ahem stars deemed it necessary to bring attention to An ode to the Embarcadero Freeway, the blight by the bay. San Franciscos 977-foot tall Sutro Tower was never envisioned to be the citys Eiffel Tower, but there was a grand idea behind it great height begets clear television broadcasts. It would be an understatement to say the Hells Angels and Beat Generation poet Allen Ginsberg had differing world views. Over Labor Day weekend in 1984, incumbent President Ronald Reagan and Democratic challenger Walter Mondale courted voters in Santa Clara County then considered a political battleground. A recent dig through The Chronicles archive turned up one of our most surprising Angel Island for sale? Sixty years ago this week, officials opened the Embarcadero Freeway. There are many GoComics with tens of thousands of listed "followers" that have far fewer daily comments than does Bozo with its 902 listed followers. How does San Francisco Red Sox sound? For more than 30 years, Margot Patterson Doss provided Chronicle readers all the tips they needed for a terrific Sunday stroll with her column, San Francisco at Your Feet. What does that mean for consumers? What happens in Vegas doesnt stay in Vegas. While other bands from the Haight-Ashbury scene during the Summer of Love faded away, the Grateful Dead kept on truckin. The Kindle Edition of The San Francisco Chronicle contains most articles found in the print edition, but will not include some images and tables. Enough to shut down every resort. It was thousands of feet shorter than Mount Hamilton. While digging through The Chronicles archive, I found photos from 1946 and 1947 that showed row upon row of unused vehicles, ships and materials left over after World War IIs end. The deadly storm this month that killed five people and brought flooding to parts of the Bay Area sparked a memory about one of the worst sets of winter downpours to hit Northern California: the storms of December 1981 and January 1982. Being a big fan of these huge reptiles, I sunk my teeth into an archive search and turned up interesting stories and classic photos. Among The Chronicles photo negatives in the archive were treasures from the Golden Gate Bridges opening day ceremonies both opening days. Limited acc We apologize for the sudden change and hope you will still enjoy our many other . Thanksgiving memories: Decades of photos of San Franciscans helping others. When Oakland As owner Charlie Finley pulled out all the stops for Opening Day. State offering money for retrofits, Opinion: S.F.s street crisis response team is in crisis, members say, Oakland ransomware attackers release data stolen from city network, Yes, that's a toucan flying around Walnut Creek, Warriors rally to defeat Pelicans, match longest winning streak of season, Tom Sizemore, 'Saving Private Ryan' actor, dies at 61, Sonoma County sheriffs chase ends in death, Antioch woman arrested in threats to private school in Walnut Creek, Prisoner kept in solitary confinement after leading fight against practice, A $200 million bike bridge tantalized this Bay Area city. Sign up to get daily weather forecasts in your inbox. When the Emperor Norton Treasure Hunt turned San Francisco upside down. The Kindle version of the SF Chronicle is pretty lame, Reviewed in the United States on January 26, 2022. Also, some features such as the crossword puzzle, box scores and classifieds are not currently available. While in the The Chronicles archive thumbing through stacks of decades-old Shark Tank at 25: How San Joses favorite venue, now SAP Center, got built. Sally Forth comic strip by cartoonist Bill Holbrook. Onstage, onscreen and on Hetch Hetchy waters long trip from Sierra to San Francisco. Listen: Will CARE Court help the severely mentally ill in S.F.? Chess legend George Koltanowski: An archive deep dive of record-breaking chess champion and George Koltanowski was blindfold chess champion and The Chronicles chess columnist for more than five decades. Just before the start of the 2018-19 NHL season, a visit to The Our archives Coit Tower photos disappeared. I loved the ads I really enjoyed the Sunday edition with its magazines and commentaries. The Oakland As teams of the late 1980s and early 1990s were known for bashing home runs during the baseball season, but during the holiday season the players traded cleats for ballet slippers to help out a good cause. Bozo, the comic strip, has more daily comments on average per number of listed followers than any other GoComics comic. Back then, most West Coast folks had never seen a double-decker bus, unless they were SF alligators: When giant reptiles were moved (ever so carefully). Heres how to get them, Review: Berkeley Reps Cambodian Rock Band' is a paean to the power of art, This Bay Area artist has ALS and cant speak but shes still directing her dream project, Bay Area theater supergroup unites playwright, composer and shadow puppeteer, Pier 24 Photography to sell famed collection worth more than $15 million, Last chance to see: Bay Bridge lights turn off on Sunday, SFMOMA and MoAD to share curator for art of the African Diaspora, Review: Pianist Yuja Wang keeps on dazzling with the S.F. Created by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott. An ode to Phil Frank: When Travels with Farley moved to SF full time. Converts to Continuous Service Subscription. The space, known as Brooks Hall, started with some, uh, underground SFs China Beach and the irony behind its name. 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    北京时间,《体育报》记者扎克·哈珀撰文分析报道多支球队在选秀和交易市场的动态。 谈到马刺队,扎克·哈珀表示,有迹象表明马刺队不太可能送出他们的 12 号签,但球员交易是可能的。 据消息人士透露,Dejuntay Murray 和 Derek White 都是可以交易的。 目前尚不清楚马刺是将这两名球员打包带走还是分别交易其中一名。 但马刺的目的很明确,就是希望通过交易得到能够帮助球队不断进步的球员。

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    梅西宣布留在巴塞罗那,原因是他不想和他最喜欢的俱乐部一起上法庭。 从事情刚出现时的狂风到现在的平静和平静,他仍然留在现场,没有做到。 于是发生了吼叫: “没人要梅西!” “认为我很热,但是当我真正去的时候没人能接受。” “可惜,不是我不想走,而是没人愿意……” 甚至是“阿斯彭”皇马主编Roncerro也大吼:“梅西留在了队伍中,因为没人想要它。” 这种酒是无稽之谈。 没人真的想要吗?看来是真的吗?巴黎没有出价,国际米兰也没有移动。曼彻斯特市对此进行了研究,并说您可以不用签证就可以检查...梅西可以去的下一个住所不再“很少”,但是很难举起手指。梅西说他想离开,没有人真正与他互动。 但是要注意,这不是“没人要”,而是“不愿承受”。只要两者之间的区别很明显,您就会知道这不是一回事。 对不起,因为三个高点。一是高额违约金,七亿;第二是高薪,年薪5000万,仍在税后。第三是高龄,33岁。 在这三个高点中,前两个只是表明梅西是宝贵的,只有后者才是他的劣势。 约定违约金7亿元。这说明什么?说明巴塞罗那以梅西为宝。有人说过,如果梅西真的很厉害,没人会付给他7亿英镑并把违约金粉碎掉呢?这又是胡说八道。违约金不是价格,而是一种约束。更不用说梅西了,今天哪个球员值七亿? 即使有人不需要钱,您也可以让他花7亿美元买一个人,这可以使他真正地动脑子。搜索足球的历史,恐怕将是马拉多纳,贝利和梅西达到顶峰。也许加了个大罗,并且看到了归因,那一定是“高峰期”。换句话说,现年33岁,年龄10岁,年龄23岁的梅西说,可以赢7亿韩元,有人愿意吗?必须有。 有人说,为什么有人不出价一亿两亿,巴塞罗那可能会卖掉它。那就是问题所在。巴塞罗那已经杀害了7亿人或提起了诉讼。 Bartomeu的手不仅要给梅西施加压力,而且还要使潜在的买家不确定并害怕前进。巴黎导演莱昂纳多说,梅西太诱人了。当我们得知梅西可能会离开时,我们感到非常兴奋,但是7亿是没人能负担的。假设,如果巴塞罗那说谁支付了1亿梅西,那么曼城和巴黎会改变主意的可能性有多大?恐怕不会小。 梅西的第二高薪水是每年5000万,而所有者必须向他缴纳1亿税金。这值得么?最终决定权不是网民。这就像是在说为什么科学家的收入少于演员的收入。这是一个错误的主张。薪水多少,是否值得?谁拥有最终决定权?它是资本,市场,公司,而不是员工。有人给了梅西这份薪水,这表明他的身价,运动能力,奖杯贡献,商业价值,巴萨早就赚回了。 例如,如果您要求公司为您开立3万元,如果您确实将其赠送给您,则意味着您物有所值。谁说这不值得,您会在意吗?如果公司一报价您就将您踢开,那么您就知道狮子在大声说话。谁是梅西?在整个人才市场上,仅有如此之少的精英人才,他的薪水不会太高,而且存在合理。 梅西今年33岁,但是在44场比赛中有31个进球和25次助攻,尽管他虽然不如一年91个进球,但是他仍然具有魅力。有很多人在想他,但其中大多数人都是小偷胆小,有勇气,有能力拿着一份体面的礼物,甚至更稀有。 但这不值得,不是没有人想要。 duke cream cheese pineapple pecan